What Causes Syncope?

If you have ever suffered from a fainting spell, have passed out, or momentarily lost consciousness, you may have experienced a syncope episode. When these episodes occur you may find that you very quickly regain your senses, although confusion is normal immediately after. A syncope episode can be brought on by a variety of heart-related conditions so if you are concerned it's very important to seek help from your Houston, TX, cardiologist. You can learn a lot more about the topic by reaching out to Dr. Alireza Nazeri of Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center.

Why They Happen

Symptoms of a syncope episode are feeling drowsy, lightheaded, or dizzy without reason at all, or after standing from a sitting position. Blacking out and fainting are certainly the most common signs that you've experienced a syncope episode.

The reason why these happen is usually related to a sudden drop in the flow of blood to the brain. Typically it's a temporary problem, hence them being labeled as episodes.

The cause of the sudden drop in blood flow could be brought on by a number of problems, such as a drop in blood pressure overall, a drop in your heart rate, or it could be due to changes in the amount of blood in specific body parts.

Syncope Treatment in Houston, TX

Your doctor's first step will be to determine the underlying cause behind your fainting spells, for this, a number of tests are at their disposal, a common one is the use of a table tilt test, which is as it sounds. You lie on a table and it is adjusted, tilted, and your body's response is measured throughout. But this is just one of the approaches your doctor will take to find the best possible treatment.

The goal of the treatment will be to reduce these episodes and prevent any complications that they might signal.

If you have suffered from a syncope episode you should see your Houston, TX, cardiologist for a diagnosis as soon as possible. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Nazeri of Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center by dialing (713) 909-3166.

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