Understanding SVT

Seek SVT treatment in Houston, TX by heading to Dr. Alireza Nazeri of the Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center.

Understanding SVT

SVT is shorthand for the condition formally known as supraventricular tachycardia. This type of condition is characterized by an abnormal heart rate. To be more specific, this condition causes your heart to beat significantly faster than normal.

The duration of SVT can vary from one case to the next.

In some cases, SVT will manifest itself for only a few minutes and disappear on its own. Other times, it may persist for several hours. You may also have to deal with it fairly regularly or it could be a rare experience.

The most troubling aspect of SVT is the impact it can have on blood flow inside your body. The rapid beating of your heart can actively prevent blood from flowing into it. If that happens, your heart won’t be able to transport sufficient blood supply to all parts of your body.

Aside from insufficient blood flow, supraventricular tachycardia is difficult to deal with because of the other symptoms it may cause. Common symptoms of SVT include chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and weakness. In extreme cases, SVT can also contribute to a person’s death.

SVT is a condition people develop due to something going wrong with the electrical system in charge of their heart. Certain risk factors can also increase a person’s chances of developing that condition.

Being under a lot of stress is one of those risk factors. The same can be said for unhealthy habits such as excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. People with certain pre-existing conditions are also at greater risk of experiencing SVT.

Understand your condition better by seeking SVT treatment in Houston, TX. Visit Dr. Nazeri of the Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center if you wish to learn more about your condition.

Treating SVT

Once the nature of your condition has been accurately diagnosed, your doctor can turn their attention to providing treatment. Different treatment methods can be deployed in cases wherein the patient is dealing with a case of SVT.

Your doctor may prescribe medication to normalize your heartbeat. Electrocardioversion sends a shock to your heart and that is meant to make your heartbeat normal again. Catheter ablation may also be performed to deliver more lasting relief from that condition.

Considering the serious nature of supraventricular tachycardia, you must treat it with utmost urgency. Don’t delay your visit to the doctor if you experience the symptoms of SVT.

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