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What Does an Irregular Heartbeat Mean?

With every heartbeat, your heart pumps blood throughout the entirety of your body to have it reach every organ and tissue that requires it. It doesn't always beat at the same rhythm, it beats faster after exercise and slower when you're at rest. An irregular heartbeat occurs when your heart beats too fast, too slowly, or inconsistently within the normal parameters. If you suffer from an irregular heartbeat it's important to seek medical help, you can learn more about what to look for by reaching out to the Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center with Dr. Alireza Nazeri in Houston, TX.


An irregular heartbeat is typically referred to as an arrhythmia, it's a condition that disrupts the flow of blood and that can put you at a greater risk of developing blood clots and of suffering a stroke. If left untreated, an irregular heartbeat can be dangerous.


If your heartbeat drops lower or climbs higher than what's considered average for a healthy person then that's a possible sign of an irregular heartbeat. This is something that our doctor can notice during the course of a checkup but there are other signs to consider.

You may feel your heart fluttering or beating too hard, or a sensation that your heart is skipping a beat, these are typically known as palpitations.

You may also experience chest pain, fatigue, weakness, fainting, and other similar symptoms, the severity of each depends on the severity of the condition.

Speak with our doctor about any of these symptoms, especially if you encounter them for several days.

Irregular Heartbeat Treatment in Houston, TX

Mild cases may not require treatment, but depending on your circumstances your doctor may prescribe medication to normalize your heart rate and promote better heart function. But for more severe cases our doctor may suggest surgery to prevent heart damage.

You can dial (713) 909-3166 to schedule a visit to consult about your treatment options for an irregular heartbeat in Houston, TX, with the Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center with Dr. Nazeri.

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