What Is an Electrophysiology Study?

Your heart is a powerful pump that keeps blood and oxygen flowing throughout your entire body and the contractions that make it all work like it's supposed to are coordinated by electrical impulses. Working as it should is the operative phrase, as with time, or due to a number of factors, your heart may not function correctly and could cause severe complications. For this reason, your Houston, TX, cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist conduct an electrophysiology study (EPS), which is used to test these same electrical impulses. You can learn more about the procedure and why you may need it by contacting Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center with Dr. Alireza Nazeri.

The Heart's Rhythm

The electrical impulses that allow your heart to function can misfire if there is something wrong with your heart. This can lead to problems with the rhythm at which your heart beats, a condition called arrhythmia, and could potentially cause a heart attack.

An EPS is used to check the heart's electrical system and examine it for an abnormal rhythm.

How an EPS Works

The way an EPS is performed is by inserting very small thin wire electrodes, also referred to as catheters, through veins and onto the heart itself. They typically are inserted around the groin area, or sometimes the neck or an arm.

Signals are sent via these electrodes to stimulate different areas of the heart to try to deduce the cause for the irregular heart rhythm.

Why an EPS Is Performed

Your doctor may suggest an EPS if you are suffering from symptoms that could indicate an abnormal heart rhythm, such as fainting spells, dizziness, and fatigue, among others.

An EPS is also sometimes called for in case other tests have not been conclusive or to determine if the current treatment, such as with medication, is performing properly.

Cardiologist and Cardiac Electrophysiologist in Houston, TX

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