The Benefits Of A Pace Maker

If you’ve been told that you have an irregular heartbeat and that you have an arrhythmia, your cardiologist may recommend a pacemaker. A pacemaker helps to regulate your heartbeat and transmit electrical impulses to the heart. They help monitor your heart and can help your heart function like normal. Dr. Alireza Nazeri in Houston, TX, can explain how a pacemaker can benefit you.

The Benefits of a Pacemaker

A pacemaker from your cardiologist in Houston, TX, can benefit your life in multiple ways. A pacemaker regulates the rhythm of your heart and can help eliminate symptoms associated with bradycardia. This might mean that you’ll experience more energy and have less shortness of breath. A pacemaker isn’t a cure for heart disease but can help your heart work properly.

A pacemaker can help if you struggle with a heart that beats too slowly. A pacemaker can mimic the function of a normal heart and help you enjoy activities that you love. Using a pacemaker also tracks the activity of your heart. This helps your cardiologist keep an eye on your heart and will be able to help your doctor spot any further issues before they become more serious. This helps you keep your heart feeling as strong and healthy as possible.

Pacemakers are designed to be easy to live with and shouldn’t affect your daily life too much. You’ll be able to enjoy activities like swimming and the process of inserting a pacemaker can be minimally invasive.

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