What Is a Pace Maker?

What Is a Pace Maker?

Your heart continuously pumps blood throughout your entire body to replenish oxygen to all the organs that require it. But in order to function properly your heart is dependent on electrical signals. To correct serious problems with these electrical signals your doctor may suggest using a pacemaker, and to learn more about the procedure and your heart health in general, you can reach out to Dr. Alireza Nazeri of the Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center in Houston, TX.


A pacemaker is a small device that is implanted just beneath the skin in the chest area. Its function is to help you maintain a regular heart rate and to restore your heartbeat to a normal rhythm.

There are small wires that connect the device to the heart, and when the electronics sense an abnormal rhythm they send an electrical signal, which returns your heart to an appropriate beat.


Arrhythmia is the term for an irregular heartbeat and is one of the most common reasons why your doctor may prescribe using a pacemaker. It can also help with certain types of heart failure, which affect how blood flows throughout the body.

A pacemaker can be programmed to perform certain functions, it can be used to act during episodes when your heart is beating excessively slow, so-called bradycardia. It can also help when the heart beats too fast, causing a fluttering, as can happen with atrial fibrillation.

A pacemaker cannot restart your heart in the event of complete heart failure but it can certainly reduce your chances of having it happen. The device is not all around solution for heart issues, it is simply a tool that, along with heart-healthy lifestyle improvements, can improve your quality of life.

Pacemaker in Houston, TX

If you want to find out if a pacemaker is the right procedure for your individual needs or want to explore your heart care options, you can dial (713) 909-3166 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nazeri of the Mobitz Heart and Rhythm Center in Houston, TX.

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